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If you made it this far, click the link below to download my FREE 6-week fitness program. 

Also, if you didn’t know this is my travel blog! You can check out some of our crazy travel stories in Rome, Croatia, and Mexico here as well.

Once again thank you!!!

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Welcome to BRO-ography! I am the Co-Creator, Jarelle. A 24-year-old Fitness Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley with a goal to make people healthier. IG @NerdWithAbs, I follow back :) I met my best-friend, co-author, business partner & all around bad ass, Romain, in Brisbane, Australia while studying abroad in college. Since then we have traveled to over 15 countries and 5 continents. We're so narcissistic we decided "Hey, other people could care about our "BRO-Adventures" so "BRO-ography" was born. Romain and I are from 2 different worlds yet, we find harmony in our friendship. My writing style is purely from the heart and soul. I aim to be as authentic as possible for all my readers to enjoy. I think human beings are fascinating, so I will always write through a lens of empathy and compassion to connect with you. I fear the opinion of no man, which this allows me to be open and vulnerable with myself and you all. Please share any and all articles of your choosing & thank you for all the support in advance :)

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