How BROography Began.

The idea for BROography came during our European trip in June 2017, when we agreed to create our “own thing”. We met in Brisbane (Australia) 4 years prior while studying abroad, but it took 4 years of a blossoming friendship for us to realize the growth we had achieved and that there was something worth sharing.

For the full story on the origins of BROography, read our articles:

What is BROography About?

This blog initially set out to recount our travels. But we thought that would be limiting the impact we could have. This blog is part personal journals, part guide to lifestyle improvement. We know this has been done to death already, but we hope to bring our unique perspective to it. Our unique perspective is that we come from two entirely different backgrounds, with two opposing personalities, yet we’ve become best bros and managed to improve each other’s lives. We want to bring that diversity of point of views to your life, knowing that we are both people who constantly seek to understand more on how to live.

Therefore, we will talk about anything that makes us live a richer life: Travel, food, health & fitness, human psychology, and occasional business & career advice. You’ll read about places to travel with your best friend. We hope you learn something, question yourself, and have a good laugh.

Each article is written by either Jarelle or Romain.

Who is Jarelle?

I am 25-year-old Fitness Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley with a goal to make people healthier. My writing style is purely from the heart and soul. I aim to be as authentic as possible for all my readers to enjoy. I think human beings are fascinating, so I will always write through a lens of empathy and compassion to connect with you. I fear the opinion of no man, which allows me to be open and vulnerable with myself and you all. Please share any and all articles of your choosing & thank you for all the support in advance 🙂

Fun facts about myself:

  • I started working out ONLY because I was bullied in high school. Now it has become my way of life. Also, people do not mess with me no mo!
  • My 1st near death experience, I was scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I swam so much chasing a fish, I RAN OUT of oxygen 30 feet under water. I’m alive because Jesus loves me!
  • I’ve traveled to over 15 countries and 5 continents.
  • I like Turtles!
  • I’m the 1st person in my family to graduate from a University, yet still do not know what I want to do with my life (like sooo many other millennials). (Holla, if you hear me).

  • I’m still waiting to use “the Pythagorean theorem” in life! Why? Because my 3rd-grade Math teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class (a2 + b2 =c2).
  • Over 50% of all the money I own is invested in Bitcoin, Etherum, or LiteCoin (#GoHardorGoHome).
  • I am the middle child from a family of 5, got no attention or love, which is why I have attachment issues, or at least that’s what my imaginary friend Carl tells me 🙂
  • Lastly, as you can tell, I am weird but funny weird. I am a very loveable person. I love people and I love life and all its wanderlust.

Who is Romain?

I’m a 28-year-old French “citizen of the world”, currently working in Ireland for a tech company you use every day.

A few fun facts about me:

    • I was in the only team representing Malaysia at the Gothia Cup, the world’s biggest youth soccer tournament taking place every year in Sweden. We went around a packed stadium waving the flag during the opening ceremony.
    • I’ve lived in 5 countries and visited over 30. I’ve swum with sharks, escaped cobras, shook an orangutan’s hand and crawled in underground caves with bats next to my face.
    • I studied Chinese for 2 years in a classroom setting and can’t remember anything. Yet I can speak basic Italian after studying it for 3 months on my own.
    • I have such an encyclopedic knowledge of music you’d wonder why I don’t know how to play an instrument.
    • I did judo for a year when I was 5 years old and got my tiny ass kicked every time. That’s when I knew martial arts weren’t for me.
    • I eat so much you’d wonder if I have a second belly and/or how I keep my abs.
  • I use to have long hair. I cut them when an airline steward addressed me as “Miss…”.

Romain and Einstein

Learning (and teaching what I know) is one of my biggest values. As my buddy Einstein said (pictured above): “I have no special talent, I’m only passionately curious.” Therefore, the ideas in my articles stem from the combination of a lot of different sources which have influenced me.

I write on a wide-ranging list of subjects such as travel, food, work, philosophy… While I always try to inject humor and lightheartedness, my writing style might be a bit brainy at times. Know that I want to challenge you, so read up on the things that intrigue you and engage in a dialogue with us. I hope you find some enjoyment or nuggets of wisdom in our articles.

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