After an eventful day in Paklenica and Plitvice National Park and a well-deserved rest, we took a 1h15 drive south of Zadar in the morning to another of Croatia’s natural wonders.

Krka National Park!

Home to the most awesomest, awesome waterfalls in the world. Skrew you Niagara Falls!

Krka National Park in Croatia


This is also the only destination where Jesus Christ HIMself vacations with his side chicks. I mean think about it! How else could a place like this become so beautiful? And that my friends, is how this park came to be, so why would you not want to come here.

jesus and his side chicks

Good to know
Krka National Park lies about 10km inland from Sibenik. Named after the Krka River, the Park covers an area of just over 142 square km and includes two thirds of the river itself. The top attraction of the Park are its magnificent waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk falls which are one of Croatia’s most famous sights.

One piece of advice is to set your GPS to Vrata Krke Hotel Zadar, which is right outside the entrance. You’ll arrive on a huge parking, next to which you’ll find the ticket booth. A bus will take you down to the starting point of your walk (red dot at the bottom of the map below). You’ll be able to reach the Skradinski Buk falls (“Skradin” at the left of the map) in 20 minutes if you take the most direct route. The 45-60 min walk back to the entrance takes you along enchanting wooden paths in the forest, over waterfalls.

Krka National Park map, Croatia travel

The park is open from 8am (April-Oct 15) or 9am (Oct 16-March). Closing hours vary so check out the official website of Krka National Park.

When we were there,we paid 110 kuna each (14€), but prices vary depending on the season so check out the updated 2018 price list here.

After nearly losing my life in Plitvice National park from Hyponatremia, I felt so excited and happy to embark on this next adventure 🙂
The photo below is a perfect example of Jarelle’s elated excitement to bask in the ambience of this magnificent worldly creation!

Jarelle excitement in Krka National Park

LOL, This photo, clearly, encapsulates my joy of being here at the park (Honestly, I ran out of internal storage space on my iPhone and was deleting “non-Instagram worthy” photos and videos. Y’all know how it is!)

But in all seriousness, my brain could not wrap my head around the breathtaking beauty of this park. Still can’t believe I was actually here, like in the water, swimming. I remember breathing in the clean, non-GMO, oxygenated oxygen and I felt cells actively fighting off pathogens from American life.

Sitting on top of a waterfall in Krka National Park

Romain and I took advantage of the lush green landscape to shoot some one-of-a-kind workout videos, which we will release on our YouTube channel soon.

This park was not only an earthly self discovery for me, but I got to see a softer side of my best friend Romain.

Romain in Krka National Park, Croatia


Romain Donkey Krka National Park Croatia
Romain in all his glory, hahahahahahahahaha

As we all know that Romain is a bully, with a temper second to only Ares, The God of War. Romain once told me that his own father, his DAD, is even afraid of him. So afraid, that he only communicates with his son via email, Facebook and occasional family reunions, which Romain orders everyone to throw rose petals at his feet as he walks and be fed only the finest Oxtail in all Seven Kingdoms via horse carriage.

Personally, I don’t see how any woman could date him. On many ever so random occasions throughout our trip, he would continuously make fun of me and my glasses.

Regrettably, I made the mistake of interjecting and VERY strongly objecting to many of his countless, ear-bleeding soliloquies about my existence and received a tongue lashing from him only Zeus could withstand in battle.

How I lived to tell this tale only Jesus HIMself knows. Thankfully, I write this from the comfort of my laptop, free of repercussion and the temperament of a man who is so deeply psychologically disturbed. Such a shame.

May, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Romain.

May in Krka National Park Croatia
May and all her awesomeness

This is May!

Making Kick-Ass Friends in Krka National Park

In Krka Waterfalls, you will not only find amazing scenery but you will also find amazing friends as well. Along our journey into Krka National park, we met a lovely young traveler from London named May, who had come to Croatia to decompress from the high-rolling life of a tax auditor in The City. 

After about three hours of witnessing our narcissism and manly arm pump in action, while getting these gains through calisthenic exercises, she decided to join us for a nice lunch where Romain and I stocked up on BROtein.

We can do it!She exclaimed that she was traveling alone because “her friends were lame and didn’t have the balls to join her.” And the reason she was traveling was to get out of her comfort zone and explore the world, instead of reading about it from a BROography blog. (She didn’t really say that last point but I’m pretty sure you guys can get my point).

Side note: very special shout out to all the female Travelers who demonstrate the courage to travel autonomously. 

May, unlike Romain, is a clear representation of female empowerment, independence, and the “yes we can, we can do it, too.” spirit.

You can follow her on Instagram & SnapChat “@MayCeeZim“.

Not only is Krka National Park amazing, but it shows that while traveling you also meet amazing people along the way.

If you liked this Croatia Adventure, I encourage you to read my near-death experience in Plitvice National Park. And now, we bid farewell to this gorgeous nature to discover more of what Croatia has to offer:

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