Honestly, at this point in our trip, I was feeling extremely sad and homesick.

Romain and I had been moving from city to city, country to country for over 12 days at this point, on less than 5 hours of sleep per night. (1st World Problems, Yeah, Poor Me Right).

Travel Blues

I was missing the familiarity of my room. The comfort of my own mattress. The disorganized, organized, nature of my room and knowing if I put something somewhere it was there.

I was also missing my family. On the boat ride heading to our next adventure, I was reflecting on my life and my loved ones. And how one day I want them to be able to indulge in the same life-changing experiences that brought about my revolutionary, mental metamorphosis, that only traveling does.

But this was short-lived, mostly because the boat ride from the harbor of Sorrento, Italy, to the Godly paradise of Capri was only 30 mins.

With beautiful coves, Capri is a glamorous Mediterranean island that is as famous as its jetsetting visitors. Poets, artists, writers and socialites have been calling Capri their summer home since the 19th century. In the 1950’s, movie stars like Clark Gable, Sofia Loren and Jackie Kennedy regularly made a trip.

The island is renowned for its rugged landscape (which you can see straight from the harbour), luxury hotels and designer shopping. In the summer, yachts flock to its gorgeous coastline. It’s definitely more of a honeymoon destination, but we also saw many backpackers.


Capri travel guide by BroographyCapri harbour

Capri was the first island where I actually felt a culture shock, especially in Anacapri the city adjacent to Capri. “Ana” is Greek for “up” or “above” so Anacapri is the city at the highest elevation on the island itself.

Romain’s brain thought of his greatest idea yet! “Hey Jarelle, lets WALK to AnaCapri. Google maps only said 20 mins. Ohhh look, ice cream.” 

20 MINS TURNED INTO TWO FREAKIN HOURS OF SWEAT, Dehydration and the musty armpits of the shorter Hugh Jackman aka Romain.


Because Google Maps doesn’t take into account elevation or incline when selecting walking directions.

And AnaCapri has an elevation of 902 feet from Capri’s main harbor.

And our adventure continued! (even after almost dying in Plitvice National Park, Croatia)

Romain always talks about the path of least resistance.
We all feel this at times, but human beings are just lazy by nature. We are hardwired to find and execute the easiest way to complete the task at hand. And I wanted to take a taxi, it would save us time, my feet hurt, Romain smelled like my left foot and yet………. onward we went up!

We climbed so many stairs I thought we were climbing the stairway to heaven (literally)… or at least to water! LOL

Capri climbing up stairs in forestCapri stairway to heaven

It’s exhausting to describe how many stairs we climbed so I’ll just let the photos do the talking. Mind you, we started from the very bottom of the pier!

Capri Harbor
Capri’s main pier
Steps to Anacapri
Those abs tho!
Steps to Anacapri
The brotherhood is real
Anacapri, Hike
Getting close to Anacapri

Looks Amazing Right!

As you can tell from the last photo we were exhausted. Yet, I remember Romain and I preaching to each other “This is what we live for,” “Adventures like these make me feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO alive.”

The view was absolutely worth it in the end and it’s one of Earth’s most pleasant gifts to lose yourself in. I’m talking about the view and not Romain! #SoMuchShade #BrotherlyLove

Anacapri, BROography

After the long hike up God’s private stairwell, we had arrived at our Villa! Yes, I Said VILLA.

While in Naples Italy, Romain found a great deal for 1 night in a typically Napoli building for just $25 USD per person, the quality was way below what we got in Capri.

You can rent the villa on AirBnb here.
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anacapri villa

I still remember the first time laying on this heavenly mattress as it caressed my sore body after a long journey up those stairs. I decided to name my mattress Tiffany and I told her “I would never leave her and we would be together forever,” or something like that, along the lines of the touchy-feely stuff us guys tell you girls when we KNOW we F’ed and don’t want you to be mad at us anymore. 

I know what your thinkg, “Jarelle what does this have to do with ANTHING?”
And quite frankly, it doesn’t.

I have issues OKAY! So just laugh at my pain and keep reading.

Anyways, the Villa was wide open. Glass windows surrounded the building so natural sunlight could illuminate the room.

Outside Terrace #1
Outside Terrace #2

Jarelle work out @nerdwithabzOutside on the terrace, there was a structure to dry your clothes after washing, just chill and hangout – you know, like normal people! But not to us BROs! We took this delightful opportunity to further demonstrate our narcissism by exercising in front of this entire small village.

Even though we were exhausted from the hike up to Anacapri, our adventurous curiosity was not satisfied!  We felt the need to do and explore more. Our Airbnb host told us there was a gorgeous swimming cave we could visit called “Grotta Azzutta – The Blue Grotto Capri.” This is absolutely a must see when visiting AnaCapri – heyyy that rhymes 🙂

We took a local bus (quite small) down hairpin roads with a cliff view of the sun coming down over the sea. We were too focused on the beauty of the scenery to even notice how close the bus came to falling over those narrow roads in the precipice.

The water at the cave is a beautiful, glowing light blue in the sunlight and the wind is gentle on your face as the breeze passes over your soft skin. The water temperature cools your body, making the swim enjoyable for hours on end.

Made you feel didn’t I 😉 

After a delicious and well-deserved dinner on the town square of Anacapri, we went to bed.

The following morning, we walked through the village of Capri overlooking the harbor and went to Gardens of Augustus. These nicely-kept gardens offer an unbeatable and vertiginous view of the cliffs and of rock formations called the “Faraglioni.”

Cliffs in Capri Faraglioni rocks in Capri

Broography in Capri

Unfortunately, our adventure on the island of Capri was short-lived. We were only able to spend 36 hours on this island, even though we both wanted to stay longer. I mean, look at this, how could you not want to spend a few weeks there?

jarelle_in_capri capri view

The people were extremely friendly and receptive to foreigners. Even the bus driver knew everyone and was eager to speak with foreigners. The food is locally grown, savory and authentic. We indulged in real Caprese (i.e. from Capri) salads! The entire atmosphere of this island left me wanting to explore more of the culture, but off to see the rest of the Amalfi Coast we went.


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