After our pleasant stay in Brac, we took a ferry back to Split, to explore the city. After 2 days in Split, we took another ferry to the BEAUTIFUL island of Hvar.

Now, Hvar is widely known as “the Ibiza of the Adriatic.” Socialites, celebrities, and English uni students come here to party at its expensive beach clubs, and that is Hvar’s main reputation. However, just like Ibiza, Hvar has a rich history and wonderful geography ripe for adventures. In our 2-day stay here, we ended up discovering much more than what we initially expected, and the island turned out to be a personal favorite. Read on!

Hvar village kids dab, Croatia

Arriving in Hvar

Unbeknownst to my gelato-loving Frenchmen and myself, it was “Yacht Week” in Croatia ??! And on this island, Romain and I laid our eyes on some of the fanciest yachts in the Mediterranean sea. These yachts were so expensive, I strongly believe the rope alone, to hold the boat ashore, was worth more than me.

Some history of the Island of Hvar

The Greeks built a large settlement – called Pharos – where present-day Stari Grad is located and another smaller one, Dimos, where Hvar Town is today. At the start of the 3rd century BC, the Romans took control of Hvar. Today, Hvar’s economy is based on tourism, fishing, farming, viticulture, olive growing and especially the cultivation of rosemary and lavender. Hvar is famous for its pleasant Mediterranean climate. The island is characterized by gentle winters, warm summers and many hours of sunshine (2,718 hours a year).

Hvar harbour in Croatia - Read our travel adventure in Hvar

Beach in Hvar, Croatia - read our travel adventure
Beach in Hvar, Croatia

The main town has an old, but rich historic look and feel to it but surprisingly the interior to each building is new and renovated. What I continue to love about each city in Croatia is the limestone pathways and buildings, so smooooooth 🙂 Ancient structural designs, yes, but when you are traveling or vacationing, you want that “feel” that you are out of your environment, and Croatia certainly provides that.

Have a look yourself!

Hvar, Main City & Bell Tower

To further explore the island and all its awesomeness, Romain and I decided to spend the day bike riding around the island. BOY, was this an adventure and one hell of a workout! We rode our mountain bikes uphill, for 6 hours, in peak day heat (90 degrees) and barely any water, all worth it for these amazing views. Thanks Romain!

Hvar bicycle ride, Croatia

Good to know
We initially wanted to go to Stari Grad by taking the road n°116 along the coast and through the mountains (in pink below). This is where talking to locals (our hostel caretaker, who’s also an amateur cyclist) really pays off: she warned us that there were a lot of cars on the road 116 and that it goes through a tunnel in the mountain which is forbidden to cyclists. Instead, she recommended a much more picturesque local road through the mountains north of Hvar town, with no cars at all and with much better views. This is road n°6252 (in blue on the map below), which took us to Brusje and Velo Grablje:

On our 1st stop in Brusje, we met a lovely and life-saving shop owner, whose motherly touch will forever leave the imprint on our hearts and taste buds. She made delicious, nutrient-rich, mouthwatering smoothies with the love only a mother can mix together. And we named her “Mama Smoothie” Romain and I enjoyed these godly beverages on her terrace beside her business and she helped us film some workouts.

Mama Smoothie in Hvar, CroatiaSmoothie during our bike adventure in Hvar, Croatia

Mama Smoothie in Hvar, Croatia

On our 2nd stop, a three-centuries-old building (a summer estate of a local merchant) nearly fell on me and crushed me! Mind you, Romain just sits there as the entire event happens! He didn’t even ask me if I was okay! Like seriously! I mean, I should have checked if the church rocks could hold my weight, but my black panther-like reflexes prevented the accident. BUT STILL! He could have acted and done something to help his friend, but noooo! Romain stood there on the sidelines, selfish in his ways as usual! Sheeeessshhh!

16th century summer residence of a Lord in Hvar

Along the ride, we explored and caught some great footage in the neighboring village of Velo Grablje:

Bicycle ride to Velo Grablje, in Hvar Croatia

Riding back down the mountaintop, on our way back to Hvar, we came across some awesome village kids playing outside. (Side Rant: it was extremely refreshing to see children ACTUALLY playing outside. Like seriously, kids don’t play outside nowadays. They are so consumed in technology and their phones. Do you remember playing outside all day until the street lights came on? The good old days!  Seeing these kids using their imaginations, playing with sticks, rocks, mud and each other, brought me back to my childhood days!)

Romain and I decided “Hey, let’s get a fitness video with these kids.”Of course, they’d be more than ecstatic to film a workout video with two random strangers, who came out of nowhere, shirtless, all sweaty, on top of that, we smell, especially Romain’s wanna-be Wolverine a$%, all hairy and ishh looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars! GGWWWWRGGHHHH!

No, that wasn’t the case at all! The kids were extremely resistant. We thought we weren’t going to get a video, yet we understood their reluctance. Psychologically, we understood the “Herd Mentality” of people and deployed our skills here by warming the kids up with a well-known hip-hop dance called the “Dab”

I was playing the Migos “Bad and Bougie” on my iPhone aloud and said “Hey does anyone know the Dab” and 1 of the kids sprung into action and executed the dance move.

We all burst out laughing! And with the herd mentality, if one person does it, the others will follow suit. This enabled us to put together a short, but awesome workout video with them all. But more importantly, the memory of this moment will forever be minted in our hearts and minds. It’s not every day for these kids that two random strangers come up to you and create lifelong moments that they will cherish.

Kids in Brusje during our bicycle trip in Hvar CroatiaKids in Brusje during our bicycle trip in Hvar Croatia

(Side Rant: No way in 1 million years did I think these village kids would know the dab. We were literally thousands of feet above sea level and deep in a mountain village. Internet here is about 5 kB a second. It goes to show you the power and influence African-Americans have on culture around the world. I am extremely glad I got to meet these kids).

Hvar fortress around sunset, Croatia

After about eight hours of bike riding and flexing our narcissism and egoism on top of century-old churches and historical monuments for the future validation of our vanity, via this blog, LOL, Romain and I were “Hangry” (aka hungry and angry).

And BOY did we eat!

Dinner in Hvar Croatia

And I remember this meal vividly! I had full Hawaiian pizza to myself, one whole plate of fresh seafood pasta, warm bread with olive oil and a Caprese salad! Romain ate like a cow! Shhhheeeeehh just look at him! I, on the other hand, ate my meal like a civilized human being, above my beastly friend’s primitive eating style, shhhheeeeeshhh, I a

About 3500 Calories, over 300 grams of carbs, 150 grams of fat and 210 grams of protein in one meal, all for about $30 USD And we were still hungry!

After eating all the food in all the 7 Kingdoms we were extremely exhausted. Overall, this day was one to remember, Thank you to my hairy Chewbacca friend, Romain!

We then made it back to the city where we got to catch the sunset on top of the city fortress. Check out the view of Hvar.

Verdict on Hvar: Hvar, hands down, was the most memorable part of our journey. This island is absolutely gorgeous, rich in history and welcoming to all cultures. If I could sum the island up into one word, it would be exploration. Everything from their Mediterranean seafood, breathtaking earthly sceneries, multimillion-dollar yachts, rural adjacent villages and “Momma Smoothie”.


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